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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  February 8, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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and police are telling women to be careful. >> and the handbag hero. the elderly woman not letting thugs get away with a crime.
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good evening. we will start with late news in the east bay. a final decision to shut down two schools. >> the mourn d eight blo school -- diablo school board made the decision. months of debate have ended tonight. leslie? >> lots of emotion after all of the uncertainty and all of the suspense. the board did finally make the decision to close down two schools. holbrooke elementary school, 397 students. you can imagine the rivalry there between all of these schools as they literally
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fought for their survival. with seven elementary and middle schools in concord and pleasant hill on the chopping block, students, parents and teachers showed up in a blaze of school colors and signs hoping to show the school board their campus needed to be saved over the others. and they underscored the desperation between schools. >> she pointed at my shirt, and she said, "you're going down. we're taking you down." how sad is that? i hope the families in the mount dye jab blow district -- diablo district work together and not let the budget crisis tear up our unit commo. >> facing state budget cuts, the district reluck at the present timely insisted it must close at least three schools. >> when we do this, it is for keeps. we are not going to likely reopen these schools at anytime in the near future.
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we want to make sure we do it once and make sure we do it right. >> in dragging out this process any longer is unproductive. >> the board then drew the battleline. >> i cannot in good conscience vote to support any closings for the 2010-2011 school year. >> what we are asked to do in this forum is very, very difficult. there report any other conversations. these are -- this is it. >> in the end, the board by a vote of 3-2 elected to close glen brooke middle school and holbrooke elementary school in concord. >> i know a lot of the 6th and 7th graders and they walk to school each and every day. their parents cannot afford to give them a ride or get on the bus. it is going to be really, really hard. it will be really hard. >> closing those two schools
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will save the district about -- up to $2 million. they estimate there was good news for three schools who were taken off of the closure list. they are monty gardens in concord and sequoia middle school and sequoia elementary school in pleasant hill. but bad news looms for two other schools. the district says in the next couple weeks they will make a decision on closing one of them. either silver wood elementary or now westwood elementary here in concord. one more school yet to close. two officially closed for the next school year. live in concord, leslie brinkly, abc7 news. >> thank you. we will stay in the east bay where there has been another sexual assault near the jewel of oaknd la. the attack is the fourth in five months. is the same person responsible in cecilia vega is live at police headquarters with the latest on this. cecilia? >> police don't know if the same person is responsible. it appears it is probably not.
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they say the attacker in last night's assault appears to have a different motive than in the previous assaults that have taken place in oakland. police are warning women to be aware. it has a reputation for being one of the oakland's safest neighborhoods. but a string of sexual assaults has some women rethinking their exercise routines around the lake. >> make it a habit of doing it around this time or earlier or with a mate, a companion. >> in last night's attack the victim was walking home around 10:00. a man will toed her into her apartment building and sexually assaulted and brutally beat her. >> it was within the apartment complex, but not in her unit. so it was in the common area of the apartment complex. >> it is the fourth sexual assault since september, in oakland's usually quiet neighborhood. last night's attack took place near the chinatown border. a man attacked a woman in a residential area off lakeshore
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avenue as she walked home in the early evening. she was sexually assaulted and robbed and twice on the same day in september two more women were attacked and robbed near the lake. one in the 1400 block of third avenue and the other at east 18th street and lakeshore avenue. >> when we look into whether or not there is a connection, but at the same time, it is the method of operation does not appear to be the same. >> police say the attacks may be purely coincidental. the most recent victim was not robbed. nonrape sexual assaults are down 54% in oakland, and this time last year there were 61 and 28 so far this year. the most recent attack takes place a few blocks from laney college. it is where students walk at all hours. >> you have to take precautions and walk in groups. >> in oakland you have to be on your guard. >> well, police only have a
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vague description of the suspect. he is described as an african-american man with medium complexion. he is about six feet tall and he was wearing a dark, long sleeved t-shirt and a dark cap. anyone with information is asked to call the oakland police department. cecilia vega, abc7 news. >> thanks, cecilia. three of the world's biggest high high-tech companies are on the move tonight. social networking giant facebook says they are moving their employees from palo alto to menlo park. the company will release the 57 acres with an option to buy it in five years. workers will begin moving into the company's new headquarters in june or july as the new facility is renovated. >> they have been looking for a place, a setting where we can plant some roots and pull together all of our bay area em plough ies in an area where they can work together collaboratively and feed off each other's ideas and build the future as a company. j. >> the nine existing buildings have 900 feet of space, and in
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case they grow too quickly they will purchase a 22-acre property across from the new campus. twitter is bursting at the seems. the company has out grown its offices at folsom and fourth in san francisco and they have been eyeing space in south san francisco. today the san francisco mayor ed lee announced a plan that would offer twitter and anyone else a tax break if they move to a blighted area of market street and hire new workers. the board of supervisors needs to sign off on the plan. and one more note about high-tech companies, nokia is said to be seriously considering moving its headquarters from finland to the silicon valley. the nokia president wants to make the company more competitive. he left microsoft to lead nokia last september. he is the first ever nonfinn to run the hand set giant. the move to the bay area would be a big shake up. an announcement is expected on friday.
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nokia is the most popular smartphone manufacturer in the world. the federal judge who stopped executions in california five years ago got an up close look today at san quentin's new death chamber. the judge took a one-hour tour of the facility. his 2006 ruling prompted california to spend $900,000 to upgrade the death chamber and to improve staff training. today was the judge's first visit to the new facility. he was joined by five news reporters. >> this seems to have been constructed more toward a hospital room, a clinic is a better description than the old chamber which was a gas chamber. it had those old doors that closed in the gas chamber. it is a very different environment. >> five nonprofit agencies that provide services to people with disabilities use this occasion to call for funding in executions instead of cutting their programs.
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>> the governor is proposing to cut our program $750 million. this will destroy services for people with developmental disabilities. we go back to the governor and legislators and they say, where do you want us to cut? we think we found a place to cut. >> there are 720 inmates on death row right now. the state is planning to spend more than $400 million over the next ten years to expand death row facilities. a proposed new law in san francisco would help those displaced by fires or natural disastersment it would allow them to rent other apartments at below market rate for two years. they would pay their current rate for the new place or 10% above. it was sparked by the rash of fires in the castro district last week we reported. the bill's author says landlords are reluctant to help people because the current laws lock in whatever rent they offer as a permanent rent control base rent. he says he is no hero, but they disagree.
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next, overwhelming support for the google executive who has become the face of the egypt uprising. >> also how rocket scientists found the answer to sudden acceleration complaints by foy yo tau owners -- by toyota owner. >> and later this grandmother in the red coat takes down six would be robbers. it is all caught on video. and then later on "nightline." >> carolyn and dan, coming um next, a beautiful model ends up dead in the bed of one america's richest "playboy"s. plus, the latest from egypt on the biggest day of protests there to date.
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to the crowds in egypt's tahrir square seem to be the biggest yet. >> we need freedom. >> and there was an explosion of new energy when 30-year-old google executive appeared before the crowd after 12 days of captivity. some of the crowds say they were inspired by television interviews they saw with gonem where he wept and said he was not a hero. meantime, mubarak continues to
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make concessions, but demonstrators say they want nothing less than his immediate departure. it is official. electronic flaws are not to blame for toyota's sudden acceleration problems. experts from nasa helped the national highway traffic safety administration get to the root of the problem. and as lisa amin gulezian reports, in many cases, they found human error was to blame. >> there is no electronic-based cause for uninend ited high speed ago sell -- unintended high speed acceleration for toyotas. >> they announced the findings. according to safety experts including some from nasa, the reason behind all of those crashes and deaths caused by sudden acceleration, floor mats that held down the gas peddle, sticky accelerator peddles and human error. >> people end up hitting the wrong peddle and thinking they are putting their foot on the brake so they don't remove
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their foot. in their mind they are pushing on the brake. >> they asked chris gettis to take a look at some of the sudden acceleration claims. he also found no electronic flaws in the system. >> i am not convinced that the problem has truly been solved. especially because i president do really -- i don't really believe that the computers are not involved. >> luis represented the family of a man who died after an out of control toyota crashed into him in san jose in 2007. toyota reached a settlement with its client why. he says he never believed the other driver was to blame. in fact, that driver was never charged. >> the easiest thing in the world is to blame the person who is driving the car. >> they admit the recalls and defects have hurt their image. they hope this chapter is now closed. >> we think this is a message to the consumer to say, you are in good hands when you buy your next new toyota.
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>> california leads the nation in the number of lawsuits filed against toyota. victims are seeking billions in damages. decisions are not expected for several years. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> toyota shares jumped 4.6% during wednesday's trading in japan after the u.s. government ruled out electronic flaws is the problem. danville pilot sully sullenberger is suing a bank for fraud in connection with a real estate deal. sullenberger is the pilot who safelynd laked a jetliner on the hudson river two years ago. they said bank officials duped them into buying property in boutte county for an over inflated price in 2002. they president what the original loan nullified and want to be reimbursed for overpayments. the bank declined comment, but the agent who brokered the deal said sullenberger is just trying to use his celebrity status to get his money back. >> there may be a link between healthy eating habits and higher iq in young children.
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researchers in england said three-year-olds who had a lot of saturated fats had a slightly lower iq score by the age of eight compared with chirp who ate healthier diets. salads, fresh vegetables, fruits, rice and pasta may have a lasting affect on a child's brain. as you have probably noticed, cool out there tonight. things have changed. >> they have. let's check in with sandhya patel. >> indeed they have. it was a cooler afternoon and get ready for the winter chill the next couple days. let's show you a beautiful view from the high definition sue trow camera. up close and personal with the setting sun. no clouds around, no fog urned. -- fog around. but it was a windy afternoon which is why the skies were clear and cooler today. this from just about an hour ago is a beautiful view from our high definition roof camera of the waxing crescent moon. 31% of full if you are wondering why the crescent shape is the way it is.
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it usually sets north and west this time of year and goes directly down, straight down when it sets. so we have crystal clear skies to see the moon, to see the stars and the temperatures right now are falling, obviously. 40s and 50s. wind speeds have dropped off, but it is still gusty in places like fairfield. thurt 3 miles an hour and santa rosa reporting a northerly wind, gusting to 21 and livermore gusting to 20. some of the higher elevations i just checked and still reporting wind gusts of 45 to 50 almost miles an hour. so that may hold the temperatures up a little bit. but freezing cold nights are ahead and sunny and mild afternoons. and rain, you heard right, rain may return early next week. so if you are waiting for the rain, it is coming. clear skies tonight, and we will see the rapid cooling take place with near freezing inland valleys. the temperatures will get down to around 35 degrees in livermore and morgan hill.
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35 in napa once the wind drops off. we are expecting it to drop off as we head toward morning hours. 34 in santa rosa. 36 in santa cruz, half moon bay, san jose 37 degrees. you haven't seen cold yet. look at these temperatures. the next couple mornings, upper 20s in santa rosa. coming up to 30. livermore, you are going to go from 30 on thursday morning and same story on friday to 31 degrees. certainly very cold nights ahead. the upside to all of this is with higher pressure controlling our weather, although we have to deal with the cold nights, we are in for some really mild days and plenty of sun the rest of the week. enjoy it. things are about to change. the latest computer models are bringing in rain late monday night to tuesday. we are going to see a shift in the weather pattern. temperatures about the same. 63 in san jose. 62 for cupertino. all in the low 60s and you will see blue skies.
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60 in millbrae and 61 menlo park. upper 50s at the coast. no fog, not as windy. nice looking day. 60 degrees in downtown san francisco. and in the north bay, seasonable, mid60s calistoga and santa rosa. in the east bay, 63 in oakland and in fremont. inland areas will be right around where you should be. 62 for concord and livermore and around the monterey bay, 63 in santa cruz. here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast, cold nights and mild afternoons. upper 50s to the upper 60s. temperatures inching up as the wind slacks off. and then by the weekend cooler on sunday. chance of rain on valentine's night. tuesday certainly looks like it will be a wet one. >> all right, thanks, sandhya. still to come, they had sledgehammers and she had her purse. >> a grandmother fights back.├║pp
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an unlikely hero foiled a robbery at a jewelry store in england. look at this. a 71-year-old grandma charges toward the suspects in her red coat. she was armed with nothing more than her handbag.
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as you can see she just swung at these robbers. they didn't hit back. they took off on their scooters as fast as they could. it made her angry they were carrying out the robbery in broad daylight. so far police arrested four of the six men. >> we love that lady. catholics and noncatholics have another option when it comes to making a confession. catholic bishops approved confess, a roman catholic application. but it is not like going to church to confess to a real priest. the vatican is savy to digital media. they have a youtube channel and a facebook inning -- facebook page. it cost $1.99. larry beil is tiling up his confess -- dialing up his confession right now. >> it could take awhile. >> anytime. >> we need to charge the battery. who has the better golf game, jerry rice or matt cain? the giants and the 49ers shoot
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it out at pebble beach.
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season thinking they were one of the best teams in hockey, and now they finally look like it. another win and another game-winning goal by the rookie. in our nation's capital, the sharks and the capitals. the game was score less for an eternity. denied by the caps goalie. washington had some chances. he gives it away and a turn away. he made 25 saves. nicely done right there. kind of quiet. just three shots. score less to the third period. he shoots and he scores. he is the first to get seven game winning goals on the road in the season. just over two minutes later and danly heatly and bang, bang, and 2-0 sharks. 2-0 and the sharks have won eight of the last nine.
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hp pavilion and he loses in the first round and he was ranked 113 in the world. he takes the first set in a tiebreaker. leading 5-3 in the second set. match point next. into the net and his first career win against a top 20 player 7-6 and 6-3. nba news and warriors' forward will participate in the 3-point shootout in l.a. in a week and a half. wright is leading the lead in three pointers made shooting 41%. wright will try to take down paul pierce, ray allen and kevin durant among others in the contest. pierce won the three-point shootout last year. looks like gray weather all week in monterey. today the 49ers and the giants met on the golf course. a little friendly team competition. probably everybody in the gallery should have had the helmet on. smooth stroke on the green as
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the 49ers took four out of five holes. matt cain will play in the proa. they were talking some smack today. >> we want to win. we didn't come down here to get beat. they don't want to start losing entering 2011. we consider this is our first game. >> i am looking at the giants. they are cocky right now. they are walking around and you can tell they are ready to go. >> we have five. how many do they have? one. okay. >> he is talking about world titles. talk about die hard fans, green bay packer fans braved brutal cold weather to salute the super bowl champions. before they could begin saluting they needed to start shoveling. lambeau field, the seats were covered in snow and had to be cleared away. the windchill they are guessing it was close to 15 below. 55,000 fans turned out to see aaron rodgers and the new m cha ps. >> this is a great group of
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men. a lot of chemistry and a lot of high character in the locker room. we did it together. we brought the title back home. we love you! >> they have great confidence, great resolve, unbelievable support from the packer nation, and we are going to do it again next year. >> you can say you are a real fan if you are out there. 15 below? >> that's how they are in green bay. >> that's our report "nightline" is next. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm caroline johnson.
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